About Us

The Lake Ripley Esoteric Society (LRES) meets in Cambridge, Wisconsin for like-minded men and women who are passionate about learning and discussing topics that range from ancient mystery schools, philosophy, spirituality, etc.

Although our location may change from meeting to meeting, we consider our home near Lake Ripley of Cambridge, Wisconsin.

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Our Work

We meet for enjoyment, education, and sharing knowledge. Our desire is to provide a forum open to sharing topics outside the boundaries of general social discussion. We value the ever-growing and open minded individual who delights in the study of interesting and unusual knowledge.  


Membership is open to the sincere who desire to learn and bring a willingness to share knowledge. We value all belief systems, creeds, and cultures. Our purpose is to explore and learn the various teachings and discoveries of people who have dedicated their lives to the continued growth of consciousness and the attainment of  knowledge.  If you enjoy exploring ancient mysteries, myths and legends, philosophy, and sharing your personal thoughts and experiences along the way, we welcome your participation.

Ancient history  Φ  Ancient mystery schools  Φ   Religion   Φ   Spirituality    Φ   Philosophy   Φ   Science   Φ   Mythology   Φ   Folk lore   Φ    Obscure    Φ     Socialization of ideas   Φ   Psychology    Φ    New-Thought   Φ    Mysticism, etc. 

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 Cambridge, Wisconsin